Telecommunication technology has rapidly advanced over recent years. OnePlus 7 Pro and Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus are some of the latest Android mobile phones. OnePlus 7 Pro has unique features which other OnePlus phones lack. You can get using a quality Android phone. In this post, we highlight the similarities and differences between OnePlus 7 Pro and Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus.

Battery Life and Charging

OnePlus 7 Pro and Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus use a Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 processor. They have a fast performance thus making them ideal for sophisticated apps and games. The OnePlus 7 phone has several options including 6GB, 12GB, and 8GB of RAM while as Samsung Galaxy S10 has a 128GB, 512GB, and 1TB of RAM. You can insert a MicroSD card in a Samsung Galaxy Plus phone.

Samsung S10 comes with a 100mAh battery capacity. It has a higher score compared to the OnePlus Pro in a standard battery test. Nevertheless, the OnePlus 7 phone charges faster than Samsung Galaxy Plus. For example, its battery can increase its capacity by 38 percent within 20 minutes. The Samsung S10 Plus supports Qi wireless charging and reverses charging hence allowing you to charge Qi-certified gadgets.


Both phones have a curved glass back and front. Samsung S10 has a hole-punch camera with a dual-lens shooter located at the top of its screen. OnePlus Pro features a pop-up camera with a hole-free screen. The S10 phone is lighter and sleeker than OnePlus Pro. It has a horizontal camera module at the back while OnePlus Pro features a vertical camera.

Both gadgets lack a fingerprint sensor. Samsung S10 Plus has an IP68 rating while OnePlus Pro is zero-rated. You can submerge your Samsung Galaxy Plus phone in water without damaging it.


OnePlus 7 Pro and Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus have curved glass which makes them look stylish. Besides, they have Quad HD+ AMOLED display which improves their color reproduction capacity. Samsung Plus has a 6.4-inch screen while OnePlus 7 Pro has a 6.67-inch screen and a 90 Hz refresh rate. The OnePlus Pro device allows you to interact smoothly with its display.

Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus and OnePlus 7 Pro are decent mobile phones. Samsung Plus has a high-tech camera, better wireless charging and water resistance compared to OnePlus Pro. Also, it is expensive for some consumers. The phone uses an advanced processor. It is appropriate for people who need extra storage space.