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Here’s where to order pet food for delivery

You know, you’re not the only one dealing with change during this self-isolation. Your animals really don’t understand why you keep hanging around all day and why you’ve worn the same shirt since Monday. And like always, they really want you to stay on top of the food situation. Lucky for you, you don’t have to make trips to the grocery store and risk ruining your excellent social distancing work. There are plenty of pet food delivery services online that can bring the food right to you. Some of them even have specialized meals and automatic shipping orders.



Get started with Chewy

Chewy offers automatic shipments, customer service, and savings up to 10% on every order.

Best Pet Food Delivery Services

  • Chewy
  • Spot & Tango
  • NomNomNow
  • Petco
  • Smalls
  • PetFlow



With Chewy, you can set up automatic shipments. Basically, look through the hundreds of available brands or pick from your favorite top brands, like Purina or Blue Buffalo. You can also add to your order based on your pets’ needs, like if they prefer wet or dry food, need supplements, or you want some snacks and treats to give them. With your delivery ready, you can set a schedule that will get your food sent to you regularly. With autoship selected, you’ll actually save money on the order, too.

Save 5-10%



Pick your food based on different criteria like veterinary diets, supplements, dental chews, and more. You can pick from top-rated brands or search for your smaller, preferred brand. Then save money on every shipment.

See at Chewy

Spot & Tango

Spot & Tango has a two-week trial where you can experience the service, try it with your dog, and if he doesn’t like it you can just send it back. You can also save 20% on your first order. This is a much more personalized service than a lot of the options here. Spot & Tango creates fresh, ready-to-serve, small meals that use fresh fruits and vegetables. The food sent to you is based directly upon what your doggo needs, and they are delivered straight to your door.

Farm Fresh Food

Spot & Tango


Find meals designed by veterinary nutritionists that come in prepared packages based on your dog’s uniqueness, including his age, weight, and lifestyle. If you cancel the service during the two-week trial, you get your money back.

See at Spot & Tango


Similar to Spot & Tango, NomNomNow includes a two-week trial and 20% off your first order. Use both to try out the service and see if it works for you. Unlike Spot & Tango, this one works for dogs and cats. The website starts by asking you questions about your pet, including his age, breed, and lifestyle. Then it gives you food recommendations based on that information. The food is custom-made and portioned. It’s all prepared fresh, and multiple recipes means you can find the right fit for your pet even if they don’t like some of the others.

Dogs & Cats



After the two-week trial, you can have deliveries sent weekly or stretch them out. The shipping is free, and the packages come shipped in dry ice with insulated liners so they’ll stay fresh even if you’re not home.

See at NomNomNow


Even Petco can do repeat deliveries, and since this is one of the larger sites around for pets you have a much wider variety of things to choose from. This is great if you need more than just food and want to setup regular deliveries that include toys, treats, litter, or whatever else. It’s also great if you have more than just a dog or cat and need food for your other animals.

Set it up



Choose the food and other stuff you need. Create a subscription in your cart. The first order ships immediately and the repeats will ship based on the time you select. You can also save up to 35% when you choose a repeat order.

See at Petco


Here’s a site designed just for your cat. Just describe your cat’s dietary needs, goals, and lifestyle habits. Then you can pick from a list of recipes and find your cat’s preferred flavors. If you’re not sure what your cat would like, you can use the recommendations from nutrionists. You can get a trial sampler box sent to you within a week that lets you see how you like the service and whether your cat does, too.

Smalls for your small



The recipes are designed with a lot of meat and a few veggies, so the food is more directly absorbed and leads to a healthier cat and fresher litter box. Your cat will have a shinier coat, fewer hairballs, and more energy.

See at Smalls


Similar to Chewy and Petco, PetFlow has a huge marketplace with a ton of great options to choose from. You can pick from any number of brands. Get wet or dry food. If you set up auto shipment, you can save as much as 35% on your first order. Then you can choose the frequency, and the price you pay will be based on what you order.

Everything you need



Set up the automatic shipments based on your pets’ needs and the food you want. One nice thing about PetFlow is a bowl of pet food is donated with every order shipped, so you know you’re doing something good when you order here.

See at PetFlow


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