The millennial world of smart technology has shrunken the world as a whole into the palm of one’s hand. The digital revolution has helped us find an app for every aspect of daily life. From getting cabs waiting at your door to finding nearby restrooms on a busy street, there is something out there for everyone. People often discover apps through organic connections such as their family, friends, and colleagues.

Due to the plethora of apps (read five million) available in the market, launching something new could make you hesitant at first. Trust us; when we started writing, we felt the same.

If you, too, are a little confused and a lot anxious about launching your app, then this article has been curated just for you. Our dedicated writers have spent hours scouring through multiple sites to find a simple guide to successfully using social media as a launchpad.

Are you ready to learn?


Why promote my app on social media?

If you have been asking the same question, then you might have reached the common-sense conclusion. Posting regularly on your platforms to get followers. We are glad to inform you. Regularity does not equate to engagement. Having a set number of followers on your social media is useless if you have nonexistent engagement rates.

When a company treats their customers as the Alpha and Omega, speaks to them, and tries to understand their problems, then they gather a customer base that is too hard to dismantle.

How to promote an app on social media?

Logistically speaking, there are many ways to create a buzz on social media. But before we delve into that, it is essential for our readers to have a basic outline of the additional efforts required to become successful in this field.

Firstly, you must have a sound understanding of your target audience. Their interests and lifestyles play a critical role in the choice of platform. With Instagram being a favorite for the majority, Twitter being the liberal dream of the young and woke, and Facebook being selective for senior adults, remember that you cannot start a marathon without a map. It is vital to draw a well-thought-out strategy to avoid unnecessary hassles and headaches. We can’t let your app development efforts go to waste because of a poor campaign.

Below we have listed a few important statrategies that will enable you to promote your app on social media like a pro:

  1. Paid advertisements

Sponsored posts on Facebook and Instagram have been the top favorite for experienced marketers. It is said that nothing converts faster than an ad on social media. Almost half of the mobile app downloads, are driven via advertisements on social media.The more attention you pay to the research process, the better ROI you will receive.

Since this process involves a lot of time and energy, and also hard-earned dollars, there are a few places where you would need to cut costs. Finding a free Hootsuite alternative can help you a lot more than you think.

  • Influencer endorsements

The decade after 2010 belongs to influencer marketing. From the YouTube videos of seasonal must-haves to niche product advertisements such as ethical shoes, the micro-influencers have done it all. The reason why these influencers are the easiest and safest bet for product pitching is their authoritative stance in a receptive audience.

They are in constant contact with their tribe of followers and can easily direct consumer attention to your app. A subtle advertisement via IGTV or a blatant advertisement through close up photos on Instagram feed, both can help you get the desired results.

However, it is advised that businesses remain cautious about their choice of influencers. If you choose a small, indie niche, then you can create a significant number of meaningful connections as opposed to getting an international star involved and getting half-hearted responses from your preferred segment of the target audience.

You can give them a script about your app, or let them decide. In the end, they know their audiences better than you. Hence, it is always better to give a certain extent of creative liberty to the influencer.

  • User-generated content

The use of user-generated content proves the credibility of your app and ties your community together. It helps you construe a uniform brand identity and garners attention from a lot of new leads. It is an illustration of your app’s value.

Did you know that more than86% of companies today utilize user-generated content on their social media platforms?

It is a clear announcement that your app has an essential place in the lives of its users, and it is capable of bringing positive changes as well. Apps like Fit Girls Guide, Starbucks, and Air BnB are often seen reposting user reviews and experiences. This is an interactive move that can help almost any industry.

  • Customer Reviews

When an app starts posting reviews, it reveals the credibility of the brand. Asking users to post their reviews will increase your social media engagement and let you conquer a broader demographic of the target audience.

When new visitors come across the multiple reviews posted about the app, they are more likely to try it out for themselves. It’s merely human social behavior.

BONUS: What works for Instagram?

Since we have mentioned a lot about Instagram marketing, here is a short guide to help you promote your app on the platform. It primarily attracts aesthetic appeal and generates a buzz through the story-board aspect it presents. It is a visual stage that encourages the publication of behind-the-scenes, after shots, and all the human elements of an advertisement that are often photoshopped.

The perfect Instagram feed for an app’s social media must have a balance between high definition images, appropriate color schemes, and topical entertainment. You can host quizzes, giveaways, and what not to engage the audience.

Final Thoughts

Social media is the shortcut to successful promotion for all things digital. If you succeed in engaging an audience with authentic content, then you have already won half the battle. We hope this article has been of help. Let us know your take on app promotion via social media. We would love to know more!