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Home News Next Samsung Galaxy Buds is bean shaped

Next Samsung Galaxy Buds is bean shaped

Samsung is preparing a radically different successor to the Galaxy Buds. The TWS buds have a completely different look with the shape of a kidney bean.

According to Roland Quandt from Winfuture, the successor to the Galaxy Buds and Buds+ will be much smaller. So small even that they barely leave the outer ear. In appearance, the caps resemble a bean, not strange that Samsung uses the internal code name “Bean”.

The bean-shaped Galaxy Buds

Functions of Samsung’s new earbuds are yet unknown. Possibly there are not many differences with the current Buds family. Thats not the case with its outer shell. The current generation of truly wireless buds often stick out of the ear. Apple in particular started this trend with the well-known rods. At the end of March, Samsung announced in a press release that it was already using a new chipset in the Galaxy Buds+ that’s 50% smaller than before. This allowed the buds themselves to be much smaller.

Launch Galaxy Bud SM-R180

In addition to the new look, the fit will also be different. As current Samsung buds have a silicone ear tip, these new caps are just like Apple’s AirPods and sit more loosely in the ear. Because of this they are more vulnerable to ambient noise. It is still unclear when Samsung’s new earbuds will come to market. This may happen at the same time as the introduction of the Galaxy Note 20 sometime in the fall.


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