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Tronsmart Onyx Ace wireless earbuds review

Tronsmart is a name many may not immediately recognize; however, the China-based company has been churning out solid wireless smartphone accessories for years. As someone familiar with the brand, I was eager to try out Tronsmart’s newest audio model,  the Onyx Ace earbuds.


It’s hard to ignore the influence of Apple’s Airpod design when you open the packaging of the Onyx Ace headset. The earbuds and the case for the device also have the same resemblance. Is this a ripoff, or just validation of good design?

Personally, I like the look and fit of the Onyx Ace. The earbuds are light with a sleek design. Ear-fit is different for each user, but I find they fit very well in my ears.


The overall sound quality of the Tronsmart Onyx Ace is quite good. While it’s a little bass-heavy, the mix is decent. Lows, mids, and highs come in for a really good listening experience.

This is no surprise with Qualcomm aptX chipset onboard. Combined with 13mm driver, you receive lossless audio that pops from the small buds.

The Onyx Ace isn’t going to supplant your over-ear cans anytime soon but, for casual listening, you won’t be disappointed. It’s also worth mentioning the light weight of the earbuds attributes to comfort for extended listening as well.


The Onyx Ace earbuds are accompanied by a responsive set of touch controls via the silver strips on the sides. A single tap on the right earpiece will raise the volume, while the same to the left side will lower the track audio. Double-tap on either will pause the currently playing track or answer/end a phone call.

Holding the right Ace for two seconds will advance to the next track in a playlist and the left will predictably go to the previously played item. A three-second timed press will manually turn the units on and off.

Lastly, a triple-tap will activate your favorite voice assistant. Google Assistant works as well as you’d expect with this function. I will say it’s the only interaction that I struggled to get right every time. I got better with practice but three well-timed taps are just not a great way to initiate a result at times.

Battery Life

The other feature that allows for long podcast marathons is the battery life. Each Onyx Ace lasts around five hours per charge and the included case can recharge it four times. This results in a full 24 hours of up time away from a wall outlet.

When you do need a charge, it’s great to see USB-C charging available. Whether charging the case or the case recharging the earbuds, both take around one and a half hours to a full tank. I’d love to have also seen wireless charging but at the price point of $35, it’s just fine.


I enjoyed my time with the Tronsmart Onyx Ace truly wireless earbuds. With the compact design, audio backed with aptX, and good playback times, the Onyx Ace headset has some really solid offerings. Pair that will a modest $35 price tag and you have a great option for potential buyers.

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