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Apple iPhone 12 keeps Lightning port

The future Apple iPhone 12 will still be equipped with a Lightning connector at the bottom. The port is not swapped for a USB-C port, as with the iPad. Doesn't Apple like progress or do they have a point?

Motorola Moto G Stylus released in the Netherlands as Moto G Pro

The Motorola Moto G Stylus comes to the Netherlands, but under a different name. Here it comes on the market as Moto G Pro. It is the same aircraft with the same characteristics. Think of a stylus and a 6.4 inch screen. There is one big and important difference.

Renders Samsung Galaxy Note 20+ leaked by @onleaks

The generally reliable @onleaks has published renders of Samsung's upcoming Galaxy Note 20+. We clearly see a Note-like device with an eye-catching camera bumb on the back. That is where the change seems to be concentrated in the coming period.

CAD-render shows possible Samsung Galaxy Note 20

It looks like the first CAD render of the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note 20 has been released. It is one of the first images of Samsung's new phablet. And it immediately becomes clear that the Note 20 design borrows elements from both the Galaxy S20 and S20 Ultra.

“Starting from iPhone 12 no more EarPods in the box”

Apple plans to stop shipping wired earbuds with a new iPhone. The step would come after the complete removal of the headphone port and the introduction of the now very popular AirPods.

May not be a high-end processor for Google Pixel 5

What makes a Pixel phone a Pixel phone? Is it the right camera? Is it the high-end specifications? Don't feel burdened if you don't know the answer, because at Google they're not quite there yet either. So this new rumor shows.

Samsung Galaxy S20+ now available in Aura Blue

Samsung has announced a new color of the Galaxy S20+; Aura Blue. A remarkable color because the device was already available in blue; the more light blue Cloud Blue. This brings the total number of colors to 4.

“Google Pixel 5 doesn’t get Motion Sense”

It was presented in a big way during the Pixel 4 announcement; Motion Sense. It should revolutionize the way we recognize hand movements thanks to radar. It turned out to be just a gimmick and an energy guzzler. That combined with the disappointing success of the Pixel 4 results in not returning to the Pixel 5.

Rumors about Apple iPhone 12 Pro are pouring in

It will be many months before Apple announces its next generation of iPhones, but already rumors are pouring in. Specifications, features and what improvements we get. Exactly which ones we'd like to share with you.

Pictures LG Stylo 6 with stylus emerged

Renders have appeared showing all corners of the upcoming LG Stylo 6. An LG phone that can be used with a pen, also known as a stylus.

Sony start preorder of Xperia 10 II in Europe

Sony has started taking preorders for the Xperia 10 II in Europe. The device that was announced at the beginning of 2020 has a 6 inch OLED screen with an extra wide 21:9 aspect ratio. Ideal for movies.

Sketch shows future HTC Desire 20 Pro

A schematic sketch of the upcoming HTC Desire 20 Pro has emerged. Not only do we like to see unannounced phones, it's also good to see that HTC apparently still makes phones.

Possible OnePlus Z captured on photo

A photo has appeared on which the future OnePlus Z can be seen. The cheaper OnePlus 8 model was supposed to be announced at the same time as the OnePlus 8 and 8 Pro but was postponed due to the coronavirus outbreak.

LG’s next 5G phone is called “Velvet.

Sometimes, just sometimes, we think we've unraveled the phone strategy of South Korean LG. Then the world knocks again for a moment. But then the company comes back with a rabbit out of its top hat and you're totally misguided. And that's exactly what they've done now.

Vodafone activates 5G in southern half of the Netherlands

Even before the frequencies of 5G are officially auctioned, Vodafone is rolling out the next generation of fast mobile internet in the Netherlands. Tonight 28 April Vodafone will activate 5G in the southern half of the Netherlands. From the end of July, 5G will be available throughout the Netherlands.

Motorola reenters flagship category with edge and edge+

After several years of not releasing an absolute flagship, parent company Lenovo thought it was about time. It announced the Motorola edge and edge+ last night. Narrow 5G phones with a sharply sloping screen on the sides and good cameras. But would it be enough?

Is Samsung itself leaking Galaxy Note 20?

Take this message with a grain of salt, but an image has just appeared in Samsung's own Galaxy Store of a still unknown device. Is this the Note 20 or is it wishful thinking?

IFA 2020 continues, but different from normal

Now that one after the other tech fair is canceled because of the coronavirus, it is the IFA's turn today that is normally held in September. The IFA will not continue in its current form, but it will not be canceled.

“Apple iPhone 12 Pro gets smaller notch”

The notch; a necessary evil in our search for borderless telephone screens. An interim solution too, because why would the self-image camera occupy such a prominent place in the much more important screen? Still, it will stay for a while, especially if you're an iPhone fan. Apple does want to make it a bit smaller for the upcoming iPhone 12 Pro.

Samsung targets 600 MP phone camera

In an editor, Yongin Park, head of Samsung's sensor department, explains what the next step will be for phone cameras. He thinks that soon 600 megapixel cameras will be possible that can see more than the human eye.



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